• Frequent flyers, projet de parapente et film en tunisie pour l'année prochaine

    Salut Guillaume,

    Je reviens juste du festival du film de montagne de Zaghouan en Tunisie. Belle programmation avec un super trip d'un couple de parapentistes, un voyage de 11 mois formant une trilogie.


    Le programme du week-end était projection sur 2 soirées et activité sportive de nature en initiation ou démonstration la journée. Les festivaliers ont pu pratiquer l'escalade, slackline, vtt, randonnée cette année. Tu me vois venir...? 
    Pour l'année prochaine, je pensais proposer aux potes des démos de parapente et biplaces si les conditions le permettent. Est-ce que ça pourrait intéresser un ou deux qualifiés biplace de ton club ou de tes connaissances de proposer cette animation l'année prochaine?
    Dans l'esprit du festival, on pourrait faire un montage film de nos aventures paralpinismes: Dômes écrins et Montblanc avec la petite démarche d'amélioration de nos conditions de vol.

    A bons entendeurs...


    Traveling for an extended period of time (more than 8 months), especially with a wing, harness, and a reserve parachute, clearly deviates from the ordinary. There is always the question of weight, bulk…. When you are traveling in "backpacker-mode" and you don’t plan to fly everyday, you can really wonder whether it's worth to take your glider or not … But even if your wing, harness, helmet (and maybe a rescue!) add weight and volume to your original bag, traveling with your paraglider in some remote areas opens up a range of amazing discoveries and encounters, that you would have never imagined as a "simple tourist". We are two regular pilots. We do not seek to break records or doing some crazy tricks, but only to have fun, to fly on original sites and to meet this fabulous small community of free flying world. During our trip, we stopped in New Zealand. Here is a the first movie of our long journey around the world.


    Nepal... An epicenter of dramatic news that moved everyone of us so deeply. We were there exactly one year ago to fly around Pokhara and trek in the surroundings of Manaslu and Gorkha... Perrine had already been working on a development project in the villages of the Annapurna Conservation Area, and has found herself a welcoming family, many acquaintances, and loving friends. We realize how devastated all these villages are now...


    Namibia was the last stop on our paragliding journey. It had been my longtime dream to visit this beautiful country: the red sand dunes, the dead trees, the unique cultural atmosphere and people in Southern Africa, the amazing sunsets, and the incredible wildlife that lives there. Our idea was mainly to fly on the west coast. By chance, we met Axel Gruber, a local pilot who flies in Swakopmund. Axel knows the area really well, and he kindly drove us from spot to spot.


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    Mardi 10 Janvier 2017 à 17:58

    salut, j'habite en tunisie et le projet m'a l'air cool. on a créé une page pour regrouper les infos sur les sites de vols en tunisie. As tu eu des infos concernant les sites a zaghouan.





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